Quality Policy

Our responsibilities for our clients

At the center of each work carried out lie the needs and interests of the clients. We work with a proactive approach answering to the needs and demands of our clients in the shortest time and in the most appropriate way. We provide our services on time and in conditions we promised; we approach our clients within the framework of rules of respect, self-esteem, justice, equality and courtesy.

Our Social Responsibilities
Staff members of Güneş Law Office act respectfully to laws, moral values, customs and usages, persons and institutions and environment in their words and behaviors.

Our Legal Responsibilities
We perform all of our current activities and actions in direction of the principles of the profession of attorneyship within the framework of the laws of the Republic of Turkey and international law and we present correct, exact and understandable information to law regulator organizations and institutions on time.

Our Responsibilities for Our Professional Colleague
We refrain from unjust competition through acting within the framework of laws and ethical rules efficiently. We support studies regarding ensuring the structure that is in accordance with law aimed for the society.

Team Soul
Each member of staff provides assistance to each other respectfully with the belief of that success can only be achieved through working in cooperation.

Results and developments of the performed activities are conveyed to the clients openly

As Güneş Law Office, we act carefully in terms of confidentiality and preservation of private information of our clients and other related persons and institutions we work together. We preserve confidential information regarding all the activities and privacy of our clients.

Justice and honesty are our top priorities at all of our work processes and relations. To abide by supreme work ethics and honest working principles are our rules.

Creativity and Freedom of Thought
Creativity is taken as a basis at each performed work and different opinions are freely voiced.

Human Resource is Our Most Important Riches
Quality of our services starts with the quality our staff members. To attract efficient and capable work force to our Law Office and employ it, take advantage of the capabilities, power and creativity of our people on maximum level, increase their productivities, enable them to improve themselves and create a working place where cooperation and solidarity emerge are Fundamental Principles of Güneş Law Office.

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