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1 – The information in this internet site has been prepared through taking into consideration the profession rules of the Attorneyship Law and Turkish Association of Bars and can not be used for advertisement, developing work and similar purposes in any way. Visitors visiting the internet site of Güneş Law Office commit to comply with Visiting and Using Rules.

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4 – Usage of information in this page in any way or conveying information to us via fax or e-mail does not make an attorney-client relation similar to that of the existing clients of the office in any way. Whole of the information in this internet site is distributed with only individual and noncommercial purposes. Visitors can not claim that the information is wrong or they made a loss due to this information. Güneş Law Office does not assume any responsibility for the content of the information presented in this internet site or actions followed by visitors depending on this internet site.

5 – Every right regarding updating, changing and closing of this website at any time is reserved and belongs to Güneş Law Office.

6 – Virus scanning is carried out on documents and files before placing them into the website, however it is not guaranteed that documents and files to be downloaded from this website will have virus protection. Güneş Law Office does not assume any responsibility regarding any harm and loss to arise from this situation.

7 – Turkish Law is applied regarding these legal warnings and every kind of matter related to this website.

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